„Studia Ceranea. Journal of the Waldemar Ceran Research Centre for the History and Culture of the Mediterranean Area and South-East Europe” is published at the Waldemar Ceran Research Centre for the History and Culture of the Mediterranean Area and South-East Europe (Ceraneum), University of Łódź.

Studia Ceranea being designed as an international journal, contributions in the standard conference languages will be accepted (English, French, German, Russian and Italian). We have resolved to accept papers pertaining to the history of the Mediterranean and the Slavic area within the chronological limits from the 1st through the 17th century AD.

The task that the Editorial Council of Studia Ceranea has set before itself is the gradual creation of a scientific journal, interdisciplinary in character, which will offer specialist articles, reviews and notes on newly published monographs. Along these lines, we will attempt to cross the limits of the narrow specializations restricted to Byzantine or Slavic studies; the papers contributed would represent various aspects of the Late Ancient, Byzantine and Slavic culture of the Mediterranean Area and South-East Europe, which – we claim – forms an integrity, for all its diversity. Consequently, the journal, based on previous models of other respectable journals devoted to similar subject matters,  utilizes the methodology and achievements of disciplines used in the study of late antiquity, Middle Ages and Modern Era and is ready to face the new challenges posed by contemporary humanist thought.

ISSN 2084–140X
eISSN 2449-8378
DOI 10.18778/2084-140X

Publisher: Lodz Univeristy Press

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Electronic version of “Studia Ceranea ” is available in the University of Łódź Repository.

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