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It was the second time that the employees and members of  the Ceraneum Centre participated in The International Convention on Food History and Food Studies. The international, multidisciplinary symposium aims to popularise research on food history and food studies. This … Continue reading

Prof. Maciej Kokoszko, dr. Zofia Rzeźnicka and dr. Krzysztof Jagusiak attended an international seminar devoted to the translation of the treatise De simplicium medicamentorum temperamentis ac facultatibus by Galen of Pergamum. The aim of the seminar was to discuss the … Continue reading

Ladies and Gentlemen, please accept our sincerest wishes on a glorious holiday of Easter! Celebrate this wonderful time with peace, love and faith in the true rebirth. Team of the Ceraneum Centre

The main purpose of the Colloquia Ceranea conference was to present, as wide as possible, the historic and cultural heritage of regions that were first under the influence of the Greco-Roman civilisation and later became part of the Byzantine Empire. … Continue reading

We are happy to announce that Dr. Agata Kawecka from the Department of Slavic Philology at the University of Łódź, Secretary of the Ceraneum Centre Advisory Board, was awarded with a scholarship of the international program “Transnational Access to Special … Continue reading

We are happy to announce that the University of Łódź Publishing House and the Ceraneum Centre received funding from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for the implementation of the project within the framework of dissemination of research results. … Continue reading

We are pleased to inform about the next success in obtaining research grants by the members of the Ceraneum Center. Prof. Georgi Minczew (Department of Slavic Philology, Faculty of Philology, University of Lodz) became a member of an international and … Continue reading

We are pleased to announce that on January 23, 2019 the following people have been accepted as Members of the Ceraneum Centre: – dr hab. prof. UZ Andrzej Gillmeister, Uniwersytet Zielonogórski, – mgr Matko Matija Marušić, Institute of Art History, … Continue reading

On January 11th 2019 members of Ceraneum Centre participated in an interdisciplinary conference Wine and History, organised by the Club of Wine History and Wine Culture affiliated with the Branch of Warsaw Association of Art Historians in Warsaw. They gave … Continue reading

May the holiday season end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year. Merry Christmas! Ceraneum Centre Team