We are happy to announce that Dr. Agata Kawecka from the Department of Slavic Philology at the University of Łódź, Secretary of the Ceraneum Centre Advisory Board, was awarded with a scholarship of the international program “Transnational Access to Special Collections and Archival Documents” (TAAD) run by the Europe-wide Consortium Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies (ReIReS). The institution carries out research in the field of religious studies (within the context of linguistics, history of the literature and culture) it also brings together scientific and research institutions from Belgium, Bulgaria, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Italy as well as the prestigious academic publisher Brepols Publishers.

Within the framework of her scholarship Dr. Agata Kawecka will serve a several-week academic apprenticeship in the Center for Byzantine-Slavic Studies “Ivan Duychev” at the University of Sofia, where she will be realising the project entitled Materials for teaching the Old Church Slavic language in Bulgaria (19th–21st cent.).

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