On January 11th 2019 members of Ceraneum Centre participated in an interdisciplinary conference Wine and History, organised by the Club of Wine History and Wine Culture affiliated with the Branch of Warsaw Association of Art Historians in Warsaw. They gave two papers:

Maciej Kokoszko, Krzysztof Jagusiak: Galen o winie, czyli rady dietetyka i preferencje konsumentów w II w. n.e. [Galen on wine, i.e. dietitian’s recommendations and consumers’ preferences in the 2nd c. AD];

Maciej Kokoszko, Zofia Rzeźnicka: Kilka słów na temat lekarzy i pacjentów na podstawie fragmentu katalogu win leczniczych w De materia medica Dioskurydesa [A few words on physicians and their patients according to the catalogue of medicinal wines in Dioscurides’ Materia medica].

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