The academic activity of the Ceraneum Centre addresses severals fields of study: history of Byzantium (daily life, medicine, historical gastronomy, history of the Church and state-Church relations, contacts between Byzantium and the West, the Slavs and the Arab world, study of administration, social history, Byzantine historiography, historical geography, military history), the languages of the region, the material history of the Eastern Mediterranean (archaeology of Balkan and Middle Eastern countries), history of the Slavs, the Balkan cultural heritage, the legacy of the legal system (norms and values of the Roman law in different legal systems of the modern world), international relations of the Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean countries, and Balkan and Middle Eastern ethnography. As an organisational unit of the University of Łódź, Ceraneum has plans to organise meetings of the Byzantinological Commission (Scientific Committee on Ancient Culture, Polish Academy of Sciences), as well as international academic conferences, symposia, and guest lectures. An important area of the activity is the acquisition and active participation in national and international, mainly European, grants and research projects.

The dissemination of the results of the Ceraneum Centre’s research will be achieved by reliable and regular presentation through publications: monographs and collective works, in academic periodicals. We also want to focus on active popularisation efforts, aimed at promoting the University of Łódź and indirectly supporting the research. Among the editorial priorities of the Centre are critical translations of Greek, Latin, Old Slavic, as well as Syrian and Arabic sources. Furthermore, the Centre intends to create a digital database of the primary sources and studies that are difficult to access for the modern researchers. The Centre’s own periodical is being planned for the near future, which is to be a suitably specialised magazine, edited by an international board and endorsedby the University of Łódź.

An extremely important area of the Centre’s activity is creation of a specialised and modern library, composed of the traditional book stock and collections of specialised periodicals, as well as – eventually – an electronic database and a sophisticated web portal in English and Polish. As a result of an agreement between the Ceraneum Centre and the Library of the University of Łódź, a collection of Byzantine and Slavic studies has been created within the Library’s collection.

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