Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z programem inauguracyjnego posiedzenia Międzynarodowej Rady Naukowej:

The First Meeting of the Members of the International Advisory Board of the Professor Waldemar Ceran Research Centre for the History and Culture of the Mediterranean Area and South-East Europe, Ceraneum


29.02. (Wednesday) – The Library of the University of Lodz, 32/38 Jan Matejko Street, room 102
Chair: M. Kokoszko
– grand opening, greeting the guests by the Authorities of the University of Lodz and the Library, handing over the nominations for the new members of International Advisory Board
– Maciej Kokoszko – Ceraneum – Past and Prospects
– Małgorzata Skowronek – presentation of the journal „Studia Ceranea”
13.00–15.00 – lunch

Chair: A. Berger
– Albrecht Berger – Byzantine Studies in Munich
– Maciej Salamon – Byzantine Studies in Cracow
– Kazimierz Ilski – Beginning of the Byzantine Studies in Poznan
– Marek Dziekan – Post-Byzantine Territories in Researches of the Faculty of International and Political Studies, University of Lodz
16.30–17.00 – coffee break

Chair: M. Kokoszko
17.00–18.00 – discussion on possible cooperation between research centres of the members of the International Advisory Board of the Ceraneum

01.03. (Thursday) – Biedermann Palace, 1/3 Franciszkanska Street
Chair: Y. Stoyanov
– Vlada Stanković – Between Particularities and Common Culture: Researching Byzantium and South-East Europe in the Middle Ages Today
– Anna-Maria Totomanova – Digital Presentation of Bulgarian Lexical Heritage. Towards and Electronic Historical Dictionary
11.00–11.30 – coffee break
– Yuri Stoyanov – The Apocalyptisation of the Theology of Warfare in Some Byzantine and Orthodox Slavonic Contexts
– Jacek Wiewiorowski – Profesor Roch Knapowski as a Pioneer of Interdisciplinary Researches
12.30–14.30 – lunch

Chair: H. Badawy
– Hana Gladková – Language Situation from the Perspective of the Diachronic Sociolinguistics
– Hassan Badawy – Byzantines and Arabs: from the Conflict into Partnership. Basis for the Euro-Mediterranean Intercultural Dialogue

17.00 – chair: G. Minczew, general meeting of the Ceraneum members, admission of the new members
17.30 – debates’ closing
18.00 – cocktail party

02.03. (Friday)
9.00–12.30 – sightseeing tour (departure from The University of Lodz Training and Conference Centre at 16/18 Kopcinski Street)
13.00–14.30 – lunch

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